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My name is Jim Donelan and I am honored to serve as your Ward 9 Alderman.  I appreciate the opportunity to represent the residents of Ward 9 and the City of Springfield.

I want to hear from you!

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Thank you and all the best.

Jim Donelan


Tuesday, September 21, 2021 10:24 PM

CWLP Drinking Water Update

DRINKING WATER TASTE AND ODOR ISSUES FROM LAKE TURNOVER STILL BEING ADDRESSED BY CWLP DRINKING WATER SAFE TO DRINK Springfield, Illinois - City Water, Light and Power’s Water Department is continuing to monitor and work to address taste and odor issues with its drinking water and is reminding residents this is a common occurrence that happens with all lake water called “turnover.” The turnover in Lake Springfield is the reason some describe an earthy or musty taste and smell to the drinking water. The compounds that cause the taste and odor issues are not considered a risk to public health, and the drinking water continues to meet all water quality guidelines for health standards. Lake turnover, a normal event for surface water supplies, occurs when the water from the top of the lake changes places with the water on the bottom of the lake. With fall temperature changes, as water cools on top of the lake, it becomes more dense, causing it to sink. This dense water forces the water from the bottom to rise. Lack of water movement in a reservoir can exacerbate the turnover effect and increase the taste and odor increasing compounds. “We understand the concern some of our customers have when they notice a significant downgrade to the taste and smell of our normal finished water quality,” said Doug Brown, Chief Utility Engineer. “We are continually making adjustments in our treatment process to modify the alterations lake turnover has on our water. We appreciate our customers’ patience as we move through this transitional time of year.” To ensure CWLP drinking water is safe to drink, and meeting or exceeding all regulatory standards, the utility works hard to meet customer expectations for the water’s aesthetic characteristics – its taste, odor and appearance. CWLP feeds powdered activated carbon to reduce taste and odor compounds in the finished drinking water. To further address the taste and odor issues, the Water Plant has increased its Powder Activated Carbon in the treatment process and is altering the depth of its raw water intake in an attempt to minimize the issue. The Water Distribution crews have also completed one phase of system distribution system flushing and a second phase is underway now. Customers sensitive to the taste and odor issues may find drinking chilled water from a pitcher after refrigeration may be more pleasing. Customers with questions about their water service or quality can contact the Water Dispatch Desk at 217-789-2323 ext. 2 or email

Sunday, August 1, 2021 1:02 PM

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